Reducing Racial Disparities in Consumer Credit: the Role of Minority Loan Officers in the Era of Algorithmic Underwriting (with Erica Jiang and Yeonjoon Lee)
Featured in the All About Finance Blog at the World Bank
Presented at: AFA 2023, NFA 2022, Chicago Conference on Data & Welfare in Household Finance 2022, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, City University of Hong Kong

Underwriter Competition and Institutional Loan Pricing (with Zheng Sun, Chenyu Xiong, and Qifei Zhu)
Featured in the FinReg Blog
Presented at: Asia-Pacific Corporate Finance Online Workshop, Nanyang Technological University
Scheduled: EFA 2023

Does Product-Market Concentration Affect Portfolio Allocation? Evidence from Life Insurers (with Chenyu Xiong) (Draft coming soon)
Scheduled: CICF 2023

Borrower Flexibility vs. Lender Protection: The Shadow Price of “Covenant-light”