The Role of Loan Officers in the FinTech Era: Implications for Disparities in Consumer Credit (with Erica Jiang and Yeonjoon Lee)
Featured in the All About Finance Blog at the World Bank
Presented at: NFA, Chicago Conference on Data & Welfare in Household Finance, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, City University of Hong Kong
Scheduled: AFA

Underwriter Competition and Institutional Loan Pricing (with Zheng Sun, Chenyu Xiong, and Qifei Zhu)
Featured in the FinReg Blog
Presented at: Asia-Pacific Corporate Finance Online Workshop, Nanyang Technological University

Does Product-Market Concentration Affect Portfolio Allocation? Evidence from Life Insurers (with Chenyu Xiong)

Borrower Flexibility vs. Lender Protection: The Shadow Price of “Covenant-light”

Skilled Labor and Voluntary Forecast Disclosure (with Qianqian Huang and Chang Shi)